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Hebammen-Fall des Monats

Säugling nimmt Pflaster (mit Antibiotika) in den Mund/ Fall wurde auf englisch gemeldet

Was ist passiert?

Baby had a nail infection and his paediatrician prescribed an antibiotic cream and put plaster over the finger. Mum was told to reapply the cream once a day and to put a new plaster on the finger. One evening she saw baby making strange movements, like she wants to vomit, she looked into her baby’s mouth and saw the plaster far back in baby’s mouth. She managed to remove it and baby was OK.

Was wurde getan?

Mum did not reapply the plaster on her baby’s finger again.

Beschreiben Sie mögliche Massnahmen, mit denen der kritische Zwischenfall künftig verhindert werden könnte.

I told mum to let her paediatrician know so it does not happen again to another baby. If baby has a wound on her hand, which needs to be covered, it might be better to use a gauze and wrap the whole hand including the wrist so it does not come off easily.

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